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Malta Design Week (MDW)

The Malta Design Week (MDW) is an event presented by 808, a NGO responsible for a year-round programme of design-related initiatives. 808 is a voluntary group of professionals, hailing from diverse design, marketing and arts backgrounds, with a shared commitment to establish MDW at the forefront of Maltese creativity and innovation. Its mission is to facilitate, promote and celebrate the development of Malta’s design industry on both a cultural and commercial platform, by connecting designers and makers with industry and creating a culture of sharing expertise.

The resounding success of the inaugural MDW 2011, signaled Malta’s readiness for a regular design event; to shine a spotlight on the region and establish ongoing dialogue and participation in a broader international context. The long-term goal for MDW is to affirm Malta’s reputation as a hub for Mediterranean creativity, and to sustain itself as a design festival of international repute.

Past editions:

MDW11 – Inaugural event, Old Univerisità, Valletta (October 2011)

MDW14 – “Micronation”, Fort St. Elmo, Valletta (May 2014)

MDW16 – University of Malta, Valletta Campus (November 2016)


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