Born in Ireland in 1985, Kitty O’Grady has spent the greater part of her life in France. In 2012 she graduated from the Architectural Association on an AA scholarship

O’Grady has been involved in various art projects and exchange programmess in Tallin, Moscow and Berlin. She worked in Paris for Jean Nouvel before moving to the south of France and establishing herself as a freelance architect and designer, as well as taking the role of lead architect on a large project with local firm Atelier 3a. Currently O’Grady is completing a degree at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Lyon (HMONP) were she is writing a thesis about emerging forms of design practice across Europe and the world, and how they are pushed by globalization and new forms of communication technology.

When: 20 May
Time: 8.00pm
Where: Fort St Elmo, Valletta
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