Small Change, Big Impact

Thursday 20th September 2018

In October 2017 a mixed team of international and local creatives took over a street passage located behind the historic old battery in Pretty Bay, Birzebbuga.  The derelict passage was transformed over the course of intense three days and three nights into a lively usable public space with a unique design. This first self-organised intervention is part of a three-year collaboration with Valetta18 Capital of Culture, and 72 Hour Urban Action – the international rapid architecture competition. Every year in October, a new team will take over a public space in Malta and transform it.

In this panel discussion, the co-directors of 72 Hour Urban Action will present their decade long urban practice, followed by presentation of the intervention in Birzebuggia by local participants. These presentations serve to raise pressing questions on how can processes of participation and self-organisation in urban planning be designed in Malta? How can these processes bring together notions of citizenship and crafts, municipalism and co-operation?

72 Hour Urban Action is the world’s first real-time architecture competition, where 10 international teams have 3 days and 3 nights to design and build projects in public space in response to local needs. The teams design, build, sleep and party on site to generate interventions in public space within an extreme deadline, a tight budget and limited space. 72 Hour Urban Action invites professionals and residents to become active agents of change, from the bottom-up, and to leave a lasting impact on the urban landscape.

72HUA seeks ways to provide space for experimentation in public space, to involve alternative players in the creative process of urban design and to bridge the gap between planning and construction. These quests, at the periphery of the architecture and planning professions are examined in cities the world over.

This Design Dialogues talk is sponsored by The Planning Authority.


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