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The spirit of travel is a muse with two faces: one is the anticipated nostalgia of adventures in uncharted lands, whilst the other is the warm familiarity of coming home.

It is this ineffable spirit which is echoed in Air Malta’s carefully curated brand imagery to reflect all that Malta stands for: from the playfulness of Maltese lace which meets the sustaining warmth of the traditional Luzzu, to the joyful sobriety of towering cathedrals which meets the spiraling stone carvings of our temple-building ancestors.

The art of celebrating millennia of local culture and an evolving identity rests on a delicate balance between re-imagining its various icons and traditions without losing sight of their essence. Recent years have seen rapid changes in the Maltese national self image and this has been evident in the works of many local artists and designers who have tried to illustrate the meaning of what being Maltese constitutes in the 21st century.

Air Malta’s contribution to this design discourse is on the one hand expansive – with its flowing fusion graphics based on local patterns – and on the other hand, honest, simple and earthy with it’s emulation of the typical style of calligraphic Tberfil.

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