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BLUE MOON 5′ 5″ Is a tripartite movie about the architecture of studio Neoarhitekti, whose appearance lies in-between its actual spatial and programmatic framework, as a reflection beyond general idea of what is still modern in architecture. The film covers an architectural situation in which a possibility of a reconstruction of reconstruction is seen as the duration of idea about the life value of an architecture, beyond the question of its completion, which would negate its the potential for new or different.

Sequence 1: Double, Textil Showroom, New Belgrade
Sequence 2: Marking, Marker Agency, New Belgrade
Sequence 3: Top 21, Apartment in Meander, New Belgrade

Appearing: Masa Bratusa, Marko Marovic, Vladimir Milenkovic, Dejan Todorovic, Snezana Vesnic, Mihailo Popovic, Vladimir Ceklic, Filip Martinovic
Camera: Milica Drakulic
Assistants: Marko Marovic Jovana Radovanovic, Djordje Stojiljkovic, Nemanja Veselinovic, Nikola Zdravkovic
Director: Filip Martinovic
Production: Neoarhitekti Beograd (Snežana Vesnic, Tatjana Stratimirovic, Vladimir Milenkovic) neoarhitekti.net

Belgrade 2013

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