Defying Complacency is an exhibition featuring a series of panoramic photographs taken by students following the Diploma in Design Foundation Studies course at the University of Malta.

Students were asked to present photographs made out of multiple shots depicting the Maltese environment and lifestyle.

As Malta’s industrial sector expands, so does the potential for increased or heightened activity. Yet for a country with a rich cultural heritage, that boasts innumerous architectural landmarks, abandoned and dilapidated spaces are rather commonplace.

The question is: Should one restore or develop such spaces, or do these spaces possess an inherent beauty, despite the state they may be in?

Close observation of our immediate environment often reveals much more than initially meets the eye. Only thus, may we begin to comprehend the many and complex layers of history and how these stories have left marks and traces on our surroundings. These are our observations, as captured from behind a lens.

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