As with all events, BLITZ aims to bring something fresh and exciting to the table. Malta Design Week 2014 is no exception.

Our vision for BLITZ during MDW in­volves bringing together an international selection of makers that blur the lines between art and design, whilst also sharing a love for material quality. These creatives take convention for a walk; they throw it up in the air, break it and then, rebuild.

INFORM presents a range of products by designers who share intimate knowledge with their material, thus inform­ing their practice. That said, all the artists we have sourced, share a common love: the desire to translate ‘old’ material into current, cutting edge forms that not only satisfy a utilitarian function, but also an aesthetic one.

Participants include:

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  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-cv-2
  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-cv-3

Cristina Vezzini(Italy), cermaic designer

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  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-lp-2
  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-lp-3

Landon Peck (South Africa), cermaic designer

  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-aw-1
  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-aw-2

Alexander White (UK), furniture designer

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  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-ap-2
  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-ap-3

Alicja Patanowsk (Poland), ceramic designer

  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-csw-1
  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-csw-2

Sheng Tsang Chen (Taiwan), glass designer

  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-kc-2
  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-kc-3
  • mdw-Design-Projects-blitz-kc-1

Kane Cali (Malta), ceramic / glass designer

When: 17–24 May
Time: 6.30pm
Where: BLITZ, 68 St Lucy Street, Valletta
Free entry


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