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Malta sees one of its first Concept Stores opening at Malta Design Week in May 2014.

Housed in a beautifully converted 18th century two story building, this unique retail space will present a spectacular array of brands and products under one roof.

A concept store is a shop that is identified by a special mix of brands and products. It offers a new approach to the experience of shopping that is ever changing and highly innovative. The store’s target market are groups of customers that are interested in quality and design items.

Never done before, its proprietors Sandra Banthorpe and Jennifer Barth (both artists and designers) aim to showcase and sell innovative, intelligent and indigenous products from Home and Abroad.

Products will be displayed as you may find in a gallery or museum, where everything is handpicked and curated. Think of this store as a unique meeting place for contemporary creations, vintage treasures, emerging talent, esteemed classics and limited editions.

This is a place where the normal perception of a retail experience is challenged.

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