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Ki No Kami is an ancient Japanese word meaning “spirit in the tree”.

These expressions in abstract photography are born from the study of really seeing, driven by a desire to observe the world more deeply and more truly. Connecting to the sublime through abstract expressionism.

An underlying inspiration comes from Shamanism which builds a bridge between the natural spiritual parallels and our own. Could the form, the space, communicate with us through non-human means, but rather from a deeper place within our roots, maybe trough the divine within us?

The artist’s intention is to stimulate this type of questioning. So the viewer, standing before these images, might step into a new visual space by letting go, not seeking. A space in which to challenge one’s initial impressions, loose grip of preconceptions, and connect on a subconscious level. The blurred lines of disconnection start to shake, then realisation, an awakening, occurs.

At a time when humanity is rapidly evolving and beginning to understand God more widely – when humanity is questioning and seeking truth more than ever before – it may be time to go back to nature for some of those answers.

by Peter Mark Mercieca.

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