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The Tube Map of Malta is a personal project Jonathan started a little over a year ago that went viral when it was published on his blog later in July

The idea came about as a reaction to two observations:

The first of which was how London is becoming a hub for young Maltese creatives. The design scene in London is world-class and therefore attracts talent from all across the globe. Among the many hopefuls who pitch up within reach of trendy Shore ditch to try and make their mark, the Maltese are very well represented and is continuously growing. Jonathan is very much inspired by their sense of community and camaraderie.

The second relates to the state of the public transport system and the ever-worsening traffic congestion in Malta. London deals with its congestion issues efficiently and economically with its tube system – an iconic feat of design and engineering 150 years in the making. The communication that represents the London Underground, from the roundel logo to the schematic map, are designs celebrated the world over.

Jonathan‘s idea was to juxtapose the London tube system onto the Maltese environment and he did this by creating a fictitious underground railway that attempts to be a sympathetic homage to Harry Beck’s iconic London Tube Map, from its use of typeface, colour and graphic elements. The result is in no way a proposal, but a piece of social commentary and graphic art.

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