Is-Suq tal-Belt 

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Marco Casamonti graduated in 1990 from the University of Florence, and in 2001 became Ordinary Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at the Architecture Faculty of the University of Genoa. He carried out intensive research and critical analysis on architecture themes, publishing essays and papers and holding conferences and lectures. Since 1997, he has been the editor-in-chief of the international architecture magazine Area published by Tecniche Nuove Group. In 1988, he founded Studio Archea together with Laura Andreini and Giovanni Polazzi, to whom was associated Silvia Fabi in 1999.

Today Archea is an architectural and design office where more than 80 architects are operating in the Florence, Rome and Milan branches. The founding partners were joined in 1999 by Silvia Fabi, who coordinates the design activities of the architecture practice. Also thanks to the Partners design firms located in Beijing, Dubai and San Paolo, Archea has so far achieved architecture, design, Interior design and graphic design works all over the world. The interests and research activities of the firm range from the landscape to the city, from buildings to design. Even if the focus is on architecture, the projects vary from graphic design to publishing – through the direction and editorship of the international review of architecture “Area” – from exhibitions to applied research. The complementariness of the various activities focussed on the design process with regard to different project scales open up a constant critical reflection on the issues of architectural construction. Each partner, besides his or her research in the field of design, conducts research at the architecture faculties of Florence and Genoa, where architect Marco Casamonti is full professor of architectural and urban planning.

In the course of the years the firm has been invited to prestigious national and international competitions and has won numerous international recognitions and has participated, with their built works, in several editions of the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Among the main works of Archea Associati are included: the Public Library in Nembro (Bergamo), the enlargement and renovation of the Perfetti Van Melle site in Lainate near Milan, the Antinori Winery in San Casciano Val di Pesa (Florence), the Yanqing Expo Grape near Beijing, the Li Ling World Ceramic Art City in China, the Colle Loreto residential complex in Lugano, Switzerland and the renovation and transformation of the former Magazzino Vini in Trieste where Eataly is hosted, the renovation and refurbishment of La Valletta Central Market in Malta. Under construction among others, are the Forever Green Tower and the Albanian National Stadium both in Tirana, Albania; the Changri-La Winery in Penglai (China).

Prof. Arch. Marco Casamonti will be discussing the design, renovation and restoration of the Is-Suq tal-Belt in Valletta. 

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  • Marco-Casamonti_by-Alexander-Dobrovodský
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