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Romanticism is dead and its remains fade into the reels and prints of Federico Peltretti, a scoundrel gentleman.

The hectic quest for hedonism meets a desperate nostalgia highlighting a fierce refusal of modern manners and the insane pleasures of our time. The artist’s eye is lecherous, it lingers on lips and curves, and just like a voyeur, it pleasures itself by exposing the carnal beauty.

Nevertheless, there is a certain feeling of sweetness and innocence in the way the camera caresses the women portrayed in this work. There is some sort of decadent outcome in the depiction of this attempt to create a new definition of romanticism. Creamy atmospheres, savoury shots and a keen eye for detail will take you to a different level of conciousness. Old women, same women, a new idea of romanticism: fleshy, feminine, earnest.

Three 8mm films edited on camera and digitally mastered with soundtracks and a selection of 35 mm still photographs.

Curated by Fabio Ferri.





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