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– To stimulate creativity and give exposure to upcoming architects in Malta.
– To create an emotional link between Vitra, represented by Dex and Malta’s future architects.


Panton Chair Intervention Competition.

1. Inspirational drive to integrate real life business and commercial needs with good design.
2. Opportunity for students to have exposure to a high level tribunal to present their concepts (this tribunal will be formed by Chris Briffa, Dex, Anton Grech and another designer).
3. The final winner will be announced during the Malta Design Week. The public will also be given one vote to rank the placing of the 6 winners through an online game.

Students will be given 10 weeks to develop concepts during the normal course of their works and design studies, managed by Mr. Anton Grech. All the concepts will be presented to the tribunal, which in turn will select the 6 winning participants. These 6 winners will be given an opportunity to create a prototype of their design on an actual white Panton chair.


17th February: Launch of competition to students including a 30 minute presentation (Dex).
23rd April: Presentation of all the concepts on paper to tribunal who in turn will choose the 6 finalists (Anton Grech).
30th April: Announcement of 6 final winners.
23rd May: Competition finals event at MDW. Top winner will be announced.


Apart from the exposure, the top 6 winning entries will be given an original miniature design by Vitra.
The winning entry that places first will also win a trip to Vitra in Switzerland.
Dex Workspaces will have the right to use the winning entries to the competition for its own marketing purposes in line with the promotion of the competition.


Dex Workspaces in collaboration with Vitra.

In collaboration with Mr Anton Grech, Head of Visual Arts Department, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta.


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