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The inhabitants of a Micronation must eat. And eat they shall.

Soul Food has thereby been nominated official caterer for Malta Design Week 2014.
The gastronomic team have conjured a simple yet sumptuous menu to tickle the taste-buds.

Here’s a taste of what the culinary chefs have in store:

A selection of fresh salads:
ASIAN COLESLAW (raw) (red cabbage, carrot, sweet pepper, fresh ginger, cashew nut homemade, soy sauce, parsley)
SESAME SALAD (green salad, sauce tahini, black olives, goat cheese, seeds sesame)
PANZANELLA SALAD from FLORENCE (tomatoes, onions, cucumber, bread, oil, basilic)
COUS COUS ZATAR (oil, lemon and zucchini, zatar… it’s a mixture of spices from Middle East sesame and thyme)

Pasta and risotto:
EGG PASTA (tomato and basil, Carbonara and Pesto)
PASTA AL FORNO (Ragu’ alla bolognese, besciamella, parmigian cheese)

Meat and Vegetarian dishes:
VITEL TONNE’ with salad
CHICKEN IN BRANDY (peanuts, raisins, peppers) with salad
VEGETABLE FLAN (zucchini, potatoes, pepper, cheese) with salad

And their famous home-made Piadine:
VALLETTA (mozzarella, artichokes, Parma ham)
FIRENZE (mozzarella, roast ham)
MILANO (mozzarella, tomatoes, salami)
PALERMO (mozzarella, tomatoes, tuna, olives, oregano)
ALBA (mozzarella, truffle oil, Parma ham, rocket leaf)
DOLOMITI (Speck – smoked ham from Dolomiti, brie, rocket leaf)
ZATAR (mozzarella, zatar – mixture of spices from Middle East, olives)

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