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On Saturday, 23rd of June 1565, Fort St Elmo fell in the hands of the Turkish invaders, after more than a month of siege warfare, heroic chivalry and blind faith.

The last remaining three knights on the fort: Colonel Mas, Captain de Miranda and Bailiff de Guaras, were butchered in the small medieval chapel which stands at the fort’s entrance. Their dismembered bodies were tied to timber planks and set afloat towards Birgu; for all to see that the Janissaries took no prisoners. In retaliation, Grandmaster de Valette decapitated 400 Turkish prisoners in St Angelo, and bombarded the Turkish forces using their heads as cannonballs. Such was the brutality at the peak of the Great Siege of Malta.

These three last knights, defenders of Micronation St.Elmo, together with thousands of other soldiers, lost their lives on this historic castle, all in the name of the preservation of their faith and honour.

“THREE LAST KNIGHTS” pays homage to their story, and to this sacred spot where this installation/product will be first to the public of MDW2014.

Installation and product design by Chris Briffa Architects in collaboration with SAW Ltd.

Design Team: Chris Briffa, Sandro Valentino, Daphne Bugeja, Stephen Azzopardi.

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