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Until the 1970s, one of the biggest inventions of the twentieth century looked pretty much like a piece of furniture: shiny wooden boxes hiding cathode ray tubes, tuners and speakers.

Over the years, sadly, the television slowly turned from a homey, ageing cabinet into a soul-less black box. The friendly thing became thinner and lighter, but somehow lost its well deserved centre-of-the-sitting-room status and became that black hole which always looks wrong when it is off.

So we asked ourselves:
Why do our clients want to hide away their flat-screen TVs? What was so special about those vintage boxes?
How can we dress the latest technology back into the simple, beautiful cabinet?

Chris Briffa Architects in collaboration with Doneo and SAW will present their new product-design VINTAGE VISION, a two-year baby project between an engineer, an architect and a craftsman, launched for the first time at Malta Design Week 2014.

Design Team: Andrew Doneo, Chris Briffa, Stephen Azzopardi, Justin Schembri, Sarah Crockford.

Location: JE T’AIME – Malta Design Week shop.

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